DMK Facials


Nutrition Boost

To hydrate, protect and restore the natural balance of the skin and including support products.


Optilux LED Light Therapy

(Add onto Enzyme $45) 

Use of correct wave lengths to boost collagen production, reduces inflammation, assist with killing off P-acne bacteria andsupport infusion. 



(Add onto Enzyme $40)  Express $60 Micro + LED $105 Typical exfoliation to help remove cell build up.


Optilux Boost Facial

Great to revise and reset the skin. Includesa pre-exfoliation, LED, hydrating mask and support infusion.


Extraction/ Milia Removal

Helps to remove the thick layer of tissue covering the clogged pores. Cleanse, detoxification, sebum soak, sterile extraction process, tailored pre-exfoliation, masque and support infusion.


Nutrition Infusion


Deep cleanse, detoxification and a pre exfoliation designed to yourcondition, sterile extractions process, masques, support nutrition infusion. This increases the absorption of vital nutrients and moisture at a cellular level by 70 to 80%.


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