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Support Treatments – Skin Within

Support Treatments

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Paramedical Treatment Program

We understand that everyone’s skin conditions are different. Throughout your consultation we are able to design a Paramedical Treatment Program to suit your skin condition and your lifestyle. We create:

  • Acne 12-Week Program
  • Ageing Program
  • Eczema/ Psoriasis/ Dermatitis Program
  • Pigmentation Program
  • Pro Peel Program
  • Rosacea Program
  • Scar Revision Program
  • Stretch Mark Revision

Where to start:

Skin Consultation $75

Before a support product can be purchased and an in clinic treatment can be performed a full skin consultation needs to be performed. Your skin consultation will be a one on one visit. You will be educated on your skin condition and with a treatment plan and a home care support plan will be specifically designed to you.


Nutrition Infusion $145

Deep cleanse, detoxification and a pre-exfoliation designed to your condition, sterile extraction process, mask, support nutrition infusion. This increases the absorption of vital nutrients and moisture at a cellular level by 70 to 80%.

Nutrition Boost $79

Pick me up, great for hydration and restoring the glow.

Extraction / Purification Treatment $99

Working to soften the sebum wax and thin the oils within the pores as well as swell and soften the surrounding skin, Sebaclear prepares the skin to extract any blackheads and blockages without causing damage or scarring.

Lunchtime Peel $145

Micro-removal of the epidermis, leaving the skin looking instantly radiant and luminous. This process also encourages new cells to grow stronger and healthier.

Advanced Skin Therapies:

Enzyme Therapy Treatment

DMK Enzyme Therapy treatment enhances optimal skin functioning by working with the internal systems to increase circulation, oxygenation and lymphatic drainage. A back- flushing process flushes through the cells helping to clear toxins and free radicals. 

  • Enzyme Therapy / Level 1 $210
    Enzyme alone, no extractions
  • Enzyme Therapy / Level 2 $230
    Pre- Exfoliations designed to suit the skin condition & Enzyme Therapy
  • Enzyme Therapy / Level 3 $260
    Alkaline or any two Pre- Exfoliations combined to spot treat the condition & Enzyme Therapy
  • Enzyme Therapy / Level 4 $285
    Alkaline or any two Pre- Exfoliations combined to the condition (full face) & Enzyme Therapy

Alkaline Hair Removal

An exclusive and unique treatment which turns the skin natural slightly acidic pH to an alkaline state in order to increase the skin’s responsivity to treatments and products. It works to swell, soften and dissolve unwanted dead skin cells as well as remove unwanted hair. After an alkaline treatment you can expect your skin to feel incredibly soft, silky and appear brighter with a more even skin tone.

  • Alkaline ½ Face $85
  • Alkaline Full Face $99
  • Alkaline ½ Face & Enzyme Therapy $240

Pro Alpha 6 Layer Peel

Effective 10-day process resuring procedure for those wanting a dramatic result. It is suitable for a wide range of conditions such as aging, sun damage, fine lines and pigmentation.

  • PA6 Peel Face P.O.A
  • PA6 Peel Face & Neck P.O.A
  • PA6 Peel Face, Neck & decolletage P.O.A 

Muscle Banding

DMK Muscle Banding is a technique used to lift, tone, and tighten the skin. It rebuilds a stronger healthier better functioning skin, stimulating collagen and elastin and strengthens the matrix, giving skin back its bounce. Even before signs of ageing become apparent this treatment works to prevent the decline in the functioning of your skin that causes ageing. DMK Muscle Banding is like the army that comes in and stops the decline that causes skin to age.

  • Muscle Banding / Level 1 $210
    Muscle Banding, alone
  • Muscle Banding / Level 2 $240
    Pre- Exfoliation designed to suit the skin condition & Muscle Banding
  • Muscle Banding / Instant Lift / Level 3 $260
    Instant Lift is designed to firm, tighten and brighten the skin for the ultimate wow factor. Fantastic to have before any big event this treatment incorporates DMKs Muscle Banding protocol to ensure that you see and feel the difference
  • Muscle Banding / Instant Lift / Level 4 $285
    Pre- Exfoliation designed to suit the skin condition and incorporates Muscle Banding protocols

Remodelling Procedure

An effective 10-day process, resurfacing and skin regeneration treatment, designed for sun damage, sluggish, pigmented and congested skin conditions

  • RP Full Face P.O.A
  • RP Full Face & Neck  P.O.A
  • RP Full Face, Neck & decolletage P.O.A

Skin Needling

Providing only the very best in skin needling. The skin must be prepped before needling can be performed. Sterile needles are penetrated into the skin to create a wound healing response which in turn promotes new collagen production. It reduces acne scarring, stretch marks, pigmentation, enlarged pores, fine lines and helps with the all over texture and colour of the skin.

  • Skin Needling Full Face and Neck $299
  • Skin Needling Full Face, Neck and Decolletage $380
  • Skin Needling / Body P.O.A

Dermalux – Advance LED Phototherapy:

Dermalux Advance LED Phototherapy

Multi-award winning Dermlaux LED phototherapy is the leading non-invasive treatment that harnesses the power and beauty of light for visibly radiant, rejuvenated and refined skin. Dermalux instantly energises skin cells – boosting the complexion and restoring vitality and glow. A treatment course offers cumulative benefits and can be targeted to specific skin concerts – stimulating the skin’s natural rejuvenation and repair processes to accelerate cell renewal, resolve problem skin conditions and promote vibrant, healthy skin.

  • Dermalux / Level 1 $85
  • Dermalux Boost / Level 2 $129
  • Dermalux can be added onto an enzyme treatment for $50

Body Treatments:

Body Treatments

Body Enzyme
This deeply exfoliating treatment is specifically designed for fast results on the body. While hydrolysing redundant cell build up, it increases circulation and lymphatic function. Excellent for cellulite, fluid retention, dry skin, poor circulation and ingrown hairs.

  • Body Enzyme / Level 1 $280

Medi Pedi
Put the spring back into your step. Medi Pedi dissolves dry, hardened, callouses from the feet without the use of any blades or sharp tools.

  • Medi Pedi $85
  • Medi Pedi can be added onto any enzyme treatment for $40


Dr Mela Brankov visits our clinic to provide cosmetic injectables on a monthly basis.
Dr Mela is a world-renowned cosmetic medical practitioner. She is an overseas-trained eye surgeon, who’s worked several published research programs with the Lion’s Eye Institute.
She turned her hand to cosmetic medicine over a decade ago, opening her first clinic in Subiaco in 2010. Bramis then quickly became one of Perth’s most popular clinics, and opened a second premises in Inglewood in 2017.
She is now an Allergan certified Australasian trainer for doctors and nurses who want to learn anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and double chin injections.
Dr Mela’s business moto is to tailor the perfect path to clear, beautiful skin for every client and maintain it for years to come.

For more information on treatments and future dates that Dr Mela will be visiting please contact us.